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Student Ideator Journey

A Design Thinking based virtual Hackathon was organized in partnership with Quest Alliance and Design For Change, India. The objective was to nurture problem solving skills in students during these uncertain times. The pilot was successfully held for 5 weeks during the months of January and February with 90 students across 3 states; Karnataka, Telangana, and Odisha. 


Inqui-Lab supported as a content partner and designed the program for second part of the hackathon which involved choosing the best solution, taking user feedback, iterating based on user feedback, building a prototype using the Innovation Kit sent by Inqui-Lab, Taking mentor’s feedback and presenting the solution to larger audience virtually after the final iteration.   


A total of 14 student teams have worked till the end and prototyped their solutions. The trio partnership offered great experience with a lot of learnings for scale up. The whole Operations team and Program Design team offered support to make the hackathon successful.


Some interesting problems and solutions:

  1. Problem: Spread of fake news through WhatsApp

    • Solution: 
      An in-built option in all social media apps to detect fake messages.
      An app with copy, paste option to check fake messages received through SMS.

    • Students: Havila, Bhavitha, Sowmya - Telangana

  2. Problem: Improper disposal of stationary waste

    • Solution: Automatic Sensor Dustbin and Easy Sharpener Machine.

    • Students: Balaji, Raghu, Nisarga, Sneha - Karnataka

  3. Problem: Too many rats in the house

    • Solution: Homemade rat trap that doesn’t harm the rats yet protects us from them. 

    • Students: Banasmita, Farhin, Suhana, Swaleha - Odisha


Other Programs

Coming Soon !

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