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Student Opportunities

For students who show strong inclination and take independent initiative towards Problem Solving, Student Opportunities is the next phase. The objective of providing Student Opportunities is to further nurture problem solving skills in students and help them implement their solutions on the ground to create positive change in their local surroundings and community.


Student Opportunities are categorized into four major buckets;

  1. Skill Building
    Develop and exercise the skills you are passionate about to solve a problem around you

  2. Incubation
    Get mentored and use our ecosystem of support to implement ideas with a lot of social value


  3. Productization
    Work with professional makers and create user-focused products with a lot of market value


  4. Exposure
    Tell people about your Journey at Showcases, Shadow and learn from Innovators, and Intern with Experts

Students from all our programs including Telangana Social welfare Schools, government day schools and other budget private schools will have a chance to avail these opportunities after going through a dedicated selection process. 


In FY20-21 we would be designing, piloting and launching these new transformative student experiences and hope to support 100 students across these buckets, with a year on year increase of reach and impact. A collaborative ecosystem of partners is key. These opportunities would skill-build, support and platform these young minds in their real-world change-making journeys. We can’t wait to witness their boundless potential and stories of change.

Other Programs

Coming Soon !

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