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Think & Make Program for Schools

Our flagship initiative, this affordable 2-year program takes place once every week in public & private schools, the whole classroom participating in teams, designing their own solutions to problems, prototyping them, and at the same time creating a space for themselves to take risks, work together, and share their problem-solving journey with each other.

Who:   Grades 7 to 9

What:  20-26 sessions * 2

When:  90 minutes in a week

Where: Classroom, Makerspace

Why: A Deep engagement with problem-solving and Innovation

How: Peer-led, design thinking based sessions + books + materials

Through contextual + inspired activities and units, students repeatedly practice our integrated problem-solving process, gaining the competency and the confidence to work towards the SDGs in their own way and become the skilled workforce of the future.

Having Thinked & Maked with over 60 schools and 5000+ students, we are constantly trying to bring them a well-rounded program and nurture many more changemakers of tomorrow. You can also see some incredible student team ideas here.


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