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Problem Solving Workshop

This 24-hr learning experience across 3-days provides a great opportunity for students to build their problem-solving capabilities and get hands-on with their chosen problem statement. They learn the detailed ins-and-outs of different prototyping technologies like coding, Arduino, manual woodworking to bring their ideas to life! A fun, collaborative, and complete in-lab experience indeed!

Age group : 13 to 18 years

Date : Soon !
Duration : 24 hours (9 AM to 5 PM x 3 days) 

Price : ₹ 1999 /-

Students Take Home

  • Problem-Solving Skills & Mindsets: Design thinking, Empathy, Teamwork, Risk Taking, Innovation, and more…!

  • A budding prototyping spirit using coding, electronics, and hand tools

  • A digital portfolio that they can use life-long

  • A capstone project & prototyping experience that can be taken to the next level

Our vision is to build an active community where people can solve problems relating to self and surroundings and contribute towards a better world


You can also support students from public schools and low income private schools attend the workshop.  Help them build a problem solving mindset and a digital portfolio that they can use life-long!

We also offer 6 hrs / 12 hrs / 18 hrs Workshops

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or Contact us at  /  +91 9958492339

Other Programs

Coming Soon !

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